Firmly rooted in the founding ethics of the company in 1971, right through to its place at the heart of Infinity Foods today, is a deep commitment to and support for organic principles.

We believe that the use of unnecessary pesticides and fertilizers in food production is not only adding harmful toxins and chemicals to our food but also to the environment.

In recent years the organic market has grown alongside increasing consumer demand for organic produce. This has enabled us to stock an ever-growing number of organic lines, supporting farmers and producers in the UK and abroad.

Many developing countries do not have the same regulations on pesticides and farming methods as we have in the EU. In supporting organic farming methods in these areas, we guarantee that we are doing our best to enable producers  to adopt farming methods that support safer working conditions and reduce the impact that unregulated farming methods can have on health and the local environment.

Any products listed as 'organic' will have been certified by a body recognised by the EU.

Our extensive Infinity Foods organic range is certified by  The Soil Association, the UK's leading organic charity.

Soil Association certification is your guarantee that the products meet with the highest standards of integrity across all sectors of the organic market.